Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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Aura Morris, LMSW

Therapist and Tech Guru

Hi, I'm Aura! My first career was in the tech industry, and I worked as a programmer, developer, and software trainer before I changed careers and became a therapist.  I believe that technology should make our lives easier and more efficient, and I love helping people figure out how to make their technology work for them.​  If your tech products are getting in the way, causing you stress, or running your life, you've come to the right place!

Fun Facts: I have a BS and an MS in Computer Science, as well as an MSW.  My favorite tech job was teaching people from all different backgrounds how to use a new Medical Record software, step-by step!


Your Tech Works for You

In the last decade, mental health and therapy practices have shifted dramatically based on the changing digital landscape. Many of us now offer telehealth as a part of our practice, have moved to using Electronic Health Records instead of paper charts, and we bill credit cards through apps or automated systems. As a former tech professional-turned-therapist, one of my passions is helping people make the most of technology and helping them to streamline their workflows and simplify their lives! I'm happy to support you in any way I can to make technology an ally for you, rather than an impediment to doing your job.