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Okay, so that photo has nothing to do with therapy, I just love a good outdoor party! And their colorful welcome sign :) SO...hi! I'm Aura - welcome to my Tech for Therapists blog. This is the place where I will be posting helpful articles for all my therapist friends to recommend a tech product or address common concerns that therapists have when choosing or setting up their technology.

I'll start with a couple of notes about how I choose things to recommend. When folks ask me what I recommend they use for XYZ (email, website, phone, etc), here are the criteria I use to select my answer:

  1. I offer 2 options if possible

  2. I offer the option I currently use as one option, if appropriate for the asker

  3. I offer options that are generally popular with large numbers of therapists

  4. I offer options that are generally simplest to setup and configure

The reason these are the criteria that I use is that the majority of people looking for help with technology have basic skills but are not super-tech-savvy. They want something that works well and is easy to setup. They don't need 10 options, because that would be overwhelming. And they typically don't want super-specialized products or highly specific features - if they do, they have already done a lot of searching online to find out what they need to meet their specific requirements.

When I post on the blog, my goal is to offer quick, easy, effective solutions that are appropriate for the majority of people who just want their tech to work as quickly and easily as possible! I will be talking you through the simplest products and the simplest setup options.

Now, if you have special requests, want to know more about ALL of the options out there, or want to analyze the pros and cons in more depth...please reach out to me to schedule a one-on-one. I am happy to analyze the details in depth for those who need it, but you likely won't see much of that here on the blog!

Please feel free to contact me through the website with questions, comments, feedback, and/or to join the mailing list. Also join us on Facebook at I'm so glad you are here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


Aura Morris, LCSW

BS Computer Science, 2003

MS Computer Science, 2005

MSW, 2016

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